Di-noc Architectural Film

architectural filmsWhy spend extra weeks on a renovation when you can shave off vital time with architectural films? With Twill, we are accredited installers of Di-noc Architectural Film with training received at 3M in Minnesota USA.

What’s in Di-noc Architectural Film?

As you may have guessed from the name, architectural films are thin sheets of vinyl and other materials that can be used to create specific visual effects. These adhesive-backed products are made to resist wear, and they’re compatible with a vast range of surfaces.

3M™ DI-NOC™ Finishes

These films are available in inspired finishes that leverage textures, colors and patterns to create amazing results. From granite and wood to leather and metal, they let you incorporate a massive array of materials into your interior designs. Even better, they’re easy to clean using simple detergents, and they’re ecologically friendly. Whereas replacing millwork lobbies in offices commonly costs tens of thousands of dollars, our films make it possible to get the job done for only a few thousand.

Installation Matters

ArchitecturalWhat happens when architectural coverings go wrong? Poor installations can lead to peeling, bubbles and other surface imperfections. There are many films on the market, and failing to choose the best option for a given application might result in problems like premature fading. Is your film installer up to the task?

Why So Many Rely on Twill

As the UK’s first independent, 3M™ approved Di-NOC™ installers, we ensure that your coverings go on flawlessly. By training diligently in the nuances of installation, we’ve mastered the techniques needed to prepare surfaces so that films can be applied seamlessly with minimal lead times.

Whether you’re looking for a visual mood adjustment or micro-textures that change the literal feel of your surroundings, the Twill team is prepared to help your rooms evolve. Our team thrive on attention to detail and eliminating imperfections, and they’ve helped interior designers, architects and property owners alike. We may be one of the UKs quickest architectural film installers, but we’re also the most precise.

Revolutionize your personal space to match your personality. Add new dimensions to your business environment. Talk to Twill about Di-noc Architectural Film installation today.