Painting Services

Painting ServocesAt Twill Interiors, our team of industry experts are dedicated to achieving perfection with our wall painting service. Whether you are transforming your home or office, our professional painters possess a wealth of expertise and knowledge and will ensure a flawless application of your design choice. With success both here and across the pond, we have become adept at both North American-style and British-style painting.

The American method, for example, uses taping and spray paint powered by air pressure to produce clean lines and a sleek contemporary effect. While spray painting is associated with an immaculate finish, getting that smooth and even coat requires an expert touch. At Twill Interiors, we use Airless Graco sprayers for cornices and ceilings and HVLP for wood and architectural trim such as skirting, architrave and doors. Both of which enable our wall painting service to ensure a high-quality, uniform result with no imperfections. Such power tools are particularly effective at covering large areas in a small amount of time. Reinvigorating your space with minimal hassle, this method allows for increased efficiency and speed with fewer disruptions to your daily routines. Plus, through delivering a thin even coverage, painting your walls with a paint sprayer uses less paint, and so it can be more cost-effective.

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Alternatively, the British way of applying paint tends to involve hand brushing and rollers to provide that authentic look. Although this method can be more time consuming, it offers heritage-home luxury and pinpoint accuracy. This tried and true method enables the painter to get into the tiniest of corners by allowing absolute control of the flow and direction of the paint. When compared to spray paint, up to three times more paint is applied, and as a result, this is an exceedingly popular choice for those looking for a long-lasting durable finish.

All of our Twill Interior painters have received extensive training in both American and British style painting. This means that our wall painting service is uniquely positioned to deliver an impeccable service. Offering flawless workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, our dedicated team of industry professionals have been transforming homes and businesses for more than thirty years. No matter the project or your preferred style of painting, if you are looking to transform your walls with perfect paintwork-get in touch today and receive a quote within 48 hours.