Fabric Walling and Stretch Fabric

Fabric Walling

There’s nothing more eye-catching than beautiful fabric walling in all kinds of environments. Often referred to as “stretch fabric systems”,  they serve a number of different purposes.

Sometimes for specifically for acoustic properties, other times aesthetic – often for both. The system works for most fabrics, but we always recommend testing for acoustical properties if that is the requirement.
Khuram has extensive training with Fabricmate, whilst in LA during 2012. Having been solely responsible for dozens of projects, where nothing less than a flawless application was demanded, there was no room for error. His knowledge in working with fabric walling has served him well in this nuanced discipline.
Twill specialise in stretch fabric, which are a superb feature for those looking to cover their walls with a stunning acoustic solution. Fabric walling installations come in a range of colours, designs and materials, and can be custom-printed too. The result is a smooth, flawless finish that looks great, and conceals anything behind it. The beauty of stretch fabric is that you have hundreds of fabric options to choose from; no matter your personal taste.
This particular wall covering is often installed as acoustic wall panels. The acoustic fabric provides unbeatable quality when it comes to sound management. In addition, it is a beautiful look that’s gaining popularity in residential as well as commercial properties. An acoustic core absorbs up to 90% of sounds, while a fabric finish completes the look.

What Is Sound Management?

We think about your space’s function, as well as how it looks. Your ability to manage sound also has an undeniable impact on the feeling and experience you have in a room. No matter whether you’re building a nursery, a private home theatre or an escape into a nice peaceful space, Twill has the experience to find a fabric walling solution to suit your exact requirements.
Stretch Fabric Walling
Beautiful Fabric Walling